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Advantages of Pool Tiger :

Eliminates bacteria and algae

75% less chemicals in your pool, usually pool water has a chlorine value between 2 and 2.5 PPM, with Pool Tiger it can be between 0.5 and 1 PPM.

Naturally regulates the pH of your pool

No need to shock your pool water

Crystal clear water after only 3 days

Quick and easy installation

Without electricity

No maintenance

Compatible with all water treatment systems

Less time spent maintaining your pool

Increases the lifespan of your equipment,

5-year, 30-day money-back guarantee, designed to operate for 20 years.

Ecological, good for health and the environment

Generates negative ions in the water, creating an exclusion zone on all areas in contact with the water. (No more algae on the pool walls)

100% Compatible with liner-lined pools

Prevents possible damage to fibreglass pool walls by using less chemicals and creating an exclusion zone.


Pool Tiger is a safe and environmentally friendly pool water treatment product designed to provide a healthier and more enjoyable pool experience.

How does Pool Tiger work?

As the water flows through Pool Tiger’s patented channels and nozzles, the water is converted into water vapor which is formed by a superheat. This happens for a fraction of a second. Instantly, water transforms to steam, cools and then returns to water again. This rapid conversion from liquid to gas, and back to liquid again, creates a heat signature of up to 200°C. This process causes the particles passing through the nozzle to become negatively charged. These small charged particles are pulled together and collected to form larger, aggregated particles which are then trapped and cleared away in the filter.

Normally when the pool water is cloudy it is because the particles in the water are too small to be caught by the pool filter. But with Pool Tiger, these small particles are flocked, so that they become large enough to be filtered away. After filtering with Pool Tiger, your pool water will sparkle like never before!


The water in your pool will simply look better, feel better and smell better.

The water will sparkle like never before, and you and your family or friends will be exposed to fewer chemicals, resulting in a well-being during and after a bath.

In short, you will simply enjoy your pool much more with Pool Tiger!

  • Pool Tiger minimizes the use of chlorine and other chemicals by up to 75%.
  • Smaller metals mean reduced risk of algae formation and discoloration of pool water.
  • Reduces corrosion in pool material by means of the high oxygen content.
  • Increases the life of pool equipment and pool surface treatments of eg. liner.
  • Works on all salt water, chlorine, bath salts and UV-C pools.
  • Very easy 20-minute installation.
  • Pool Tiger uses no electricity and has no added chemicals.
  • Completely maintenance-free and no spare parts needed.
  • Has a 2-year warranty, which can be extended to a total of 5 years if you register the product here on the site.
  • Does not affect other pool equipment.
  • Make your pool a pool experience with softer and more comfortable water.


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